International supplies of industrial equipment, pipes, water desalination and waste water treatment plants

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Industrial equipment Steel Pipes and ductile pipes

Waste water treatment plants

Desalination plants and industrial equipment

Düsseldorf, NRW, Ruhrgebiet, Germany

  Industrial equipment and supplies trading of industrial equipment
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Our Services:

Industrial Equipment, Steel Pipes, Trading and international trades



Our Consultancy Services

BPO "Business Process Optimization"

- Quality
- TQM "Total Quality Management"
- Quality at the Source
- Preparation for ISO / QS9000 Certification
- Productivity
- Overall Equipment Efficiency
- Waste Reduction
- Utilization
- Equipment Rates
- Flexibility / Set-Up Time
- Material Flow balancing
- Complexity Reduction
- Service
- Lead Time Reduction
- Service Level (On-Time Delivery)
- Higher Flexibility

Operational Process Redesign
- Supply
- Ordering Procedure
- Manufacturing
- Production Planning & Control
- Performance Measurement
- Inventory Planning
- Preventive Maintenance
- Distribution
- Planning
- Performance Measurement
- Handling Cost

Environmental fields
- Environmental audits
- Design of Environmental Management Systems
- validation and Certification of
Environmental management systems
(EMAS and ISO 14001)
- Environmental Pre Diligence

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